Commemorative 2022 Steins Not Available For Purchase

    Here at Addison Oktoberfest, when life gives us grapefruits, we make Grapefruit Radler. Supply chain issues mean that the steins we ordered in APRIL are still sitting in the middle of the ocean. So, we’ve decided, for Addison Oktoberfest’s 35th year, that we’re going VINTAGE! This year Addison Oktoberfest is BYOS (Bring Your Own Stein)!

    Bring any stein that you have collected over the years, and still enjoy the best Paulaner Bier. If you happen to have any past Addison Oktoberfest steins, you can enter to win prizes and giveaways throughout the festival.

    If you happen to forget, do not worry! Steins from previous years will be available at the bier booths found through out the park (while supplies last), visit the Marktplatz for an authentic stein, or the bier is still flowing, served in cups at our bier tents.

    Pre-purchased packages and tables will receive commemorative steins. Additional commemorative steins will not be available for purchase.

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