Kleinhalle Schedule


Kleinhalle Schedule

Enjoy unique entertainment and a relaxing vibe that encourages conversation and communion with friends.

September 16

7pm: Nick Ballarini

8pm: Justin Cash

9pm: Off The Grid Band

September 17

7pm: Nick Ballarini

8pm: The TubaMeisters

9pm: Morgan Ashley

10pm: Derek Anthony

September 18

1pm: Jordan Nix

2:15pm: Nick Ballarini

3:30pm: Blake Crenshaw

4:45pm: Nick Brumley

6pm: Nick Ballarini

7pm: Dylan Paris

8pm: The TubaMeisters

9pm: Presley Haile

10pm: Extended Play

September 19

1pm: James Lann

2pm: Nick Ballarini

3pm: Cade Holliday

4pm: Extended Play