Musikzelt Schedule


CBS11 Musikzelt Schedule

The fun never stops at our outdoor music stage, with live music, interactive games and family-friendly performances.

September 16

6pm: Auf Geht's

7:45pm: Das Ist Lustig

9:30pm: The Walburg Boys

September 17

6pm: Das Ist Lustig

7:45pm: German Idol

8:45pm: The Walburg Boys

10:30pm: Bohemian Blitz

September 18

12pm: Ennis Czech Boys

1:30pm: Mini Masskrug

2pm: The TubaMeisters

3:30pm: Valina Says

4pm: Off The Grid Band

5pm: Ein, Zwei, Drei . . . Halt!

5:30pm: Bier Barrel Rolling

7pm: Das Ist Lustig

8pm: Stein Carrying Relay

9:15pm: Ennis Czech Boys

10:30pm: Bohemian Blitz

September 19

12pm: The TubaMeisters

1pm: Dachshund Dash

2pm: Alpine Village Band

3:30pm Mini Masskrug

4pm: Das Ist Lustig

Games & Activities

Patrons may register for games at the Addison Tent located near the Musikzelt stage . Spaces are limited so register early. All bier game contestants must be 21+

Bier Barrel Rolling

Just roll with it! Grab a partner and take turns rolling a Paulaner bier barrel one-handed against another team. Stay between the lines, and may the best team win! Ages 21+ only.

Register at the CBS11 Musikzelt Saturday at 4:30pm

Stein Carrying Relay

Grab your freunde and compete in a relay-style race to see which team can carry two dozen Paulaner liter steins the fastest. Ages 21+ only.

Register at the CBS11 Musikzelt Saturday at 7pm

German Idol

Yodelayheehoo! Calling all Franz's and Grettle's to try their luck at singing authentic Volksmusik! All ages welcome.

Register at the CBS11 Musikzelt Friday at 7pm

Oktoberfest Kid's Games, Presented By Crayola Experience

The kinder can join in on the fun with games at the Musikzelt. Try your hand at mini masskrug, Valina says, or ein, zwei, drei … halt!

Ein, Zwei, Drei . . . Halt! - The classic game Red Light, Green Light goes German as kids race to the finish line. Don’t forget to freeze when the emcee shouts “Halt!”

Valina Says- Just like Simon Says, follow the commands of our emcee to win great prizes. Better do as ‘Valina Says’!

Mini Masskrug- Show off your mini muscles in this test of strength and endurance to see who can hold a mug of water at shoulder level the longest.

Register at the CBS11 Musikzelt 30 Minutes Prior To Each Game Time

Dachshund Dash, Presented By Raising Cane's & Pappy's Pet Lodge

On Sunday only, attendees are encouraged to bring their Dachshunds to participate in the Dachshund Dash. These fun races are located at the Musikzelt and offer prizes for the fastest hound.