Partyhalle Schedule


Partyhalle Schedule

The Partyhalle is home to our keg tapping, Dachshund Dash, dancing and our strong-arm Masskrugstemmen contests, along with Bavarian sounds with a Texan twist.

September 14

6:30pm: Alpenmusikanten

8pm: Official Keg Tapping

9pm: Lynnmarie & The Nashville Polka Guys

September 15

6:30pm: Oom-Pah Daddies

8pm Masskrugstemmen

8:30pm: Alpenmusikanten

10:15pm: Lynnmarie & The Nashville Polka Guys

September 16

12:15pm: Auf Geht's

1:30pm: STV Almrausch Dancers

2pm: The Walburg Boys

3pm: STV Almrausch Dancers

3:30pm: Lynnmarie & The Nashville Polka Guys

5pm: STV Almrausch Dancers

5:30pm: Alpine Village Band

6:30pm: Masskrugstemmen

7pm: Alpenmusikanten

8pm: Masskrugstemmen

8:30pm: Lynnmarie & The Nashville Polka Guys

10pm: Masskrugstemmen

10:30pm: Alpenmusikanten

September 17

12:15pm: Chris Rybak

1pm: Dachshund Dash

2pm: Dachshund Dash Championship Race

2:10pm: Chris Rybak

3pm Masskrugstemmen

3:30pm: Oom-Pah Daddies

4:30pm: STV Almrausch Dancers

5pm: Alpenmusikanten

O'Zapft Is! Addison Oktoberfest Official Keg Tapping

It’s tapped! Following Munich tradition, the Addison mayor will tap the official first keg to inaugurate Addison Oktoberfest and get the celebration going.


Test your strength and outlast the competition as you hold a one-liter stein of Paulaner bier at shoulder level for as long as you can. $25 to compete, keep the stein and bier! Register at the Info Booth. Ages 21+ only. Limited spaces available.

Dachshund Dash

Bring yourself – and your hund – to the big tent to cheer the tiny racers on Sunday afternoon! Free to participate, advanced, online registration is required. Registration will open Saturday, August 19 and the first 100 dogs will be able to register. The winner will be awarded “The Golden Dachshund” and ability to wear the crown for one year.