Fun for Die Familie

Fun For Die Familie

You are sure to find something for everyone at Addison Oktoberfest!


Engage the senses through a variety of free, hands-on activities focused on the arts. All ages are encouraged to tap their creative side, build a piece of art and take it home; craft activities will rotate throughout the day. Complimentary balloon twisting and air brush tattoos will also be offered until 10pm on Friday & Saturday and all day Sunday.

Oktoberfest Kids' Games, Presented By Crayola Experience

The kinder can join in on the fun with games at the Musikzelt. Try your hand at mini masskrug, Valina says, or ein, zwei, drei … halt!

Ein, Zwei, Drei . . . Halt! - The classic game Red Light, Green Light goes German as kids race to the finish line. Don’t forget to freeze when the emcee shouts “Halt!”

Valina Says- Just like Simon Says, follow the commands of our emcee to win great prizes. Better do as ‘Valina Says’!

Mini Masskrug- Show off your mini muscles in this test of strength and endurance to see who can hold a mug of water at shoulder level the longest.

Register at the CBS11 Musikzelt 30 Minutes Prior To Each Game Time

Sunday Hund-Day

On Sunday only, attendees are encouraged to bring their Dachshunds to participate in the Dachshund Dash. These fun races are located at the Musikzelt and offer prizes for the fastest hound. Pre-registration and proof of vaccinations are required and will be verified at admissions. New to Addison Oktoberfest, meet the dozens of dog breeds that originated in Germany at the German Dog Showcase inside the Partyhalle! No pets other than race and showcase dogs will be permitted entry.


Tag-A-Kid keeps Addison Oktoberfest's smallest festival-goers safe! Children are given temporary wristbands that list their parent's contact information and get their photo taken. The system makes it easier to return a lost or separated child.