Fun for Die Familie

Fun For Die Familie

You are sure to find something for everyone at Addison Oktoberfest!

German Spelling Bee

Can I get an umlaut? Can I get a Eszett? Versuch dein Glück (see what we did there?) at our famous spelling bee, German-style! We have a special round for our kinder too!

German Idol

Yodelayheehoo! Calling all Franz's and Grettle's to try their glück at singing authentic Volksmusik!

Oktoberfest Kids Games

The kinder can join in on the fun with games at the Musikzelt. Try your hand at the pretzel toss, mini masskrug, Valina says, or ein, zwei, drei … halt!

Ein, Zwei, Drei . . . Halt! - The classic game Red Light, Green Light goes German as kids race to the finish line. Don’t forget to freeze when the emcee shouts “Halt!”

Valina Says- Just like Simon Says, follow the commands of our emcee to win great prizes. Better do as ‘Valina Says’!

Pretzel Toss- Challenge your aim and see how many pretzels you can get onto the wall.

Mini Masskrug- Show off your mini muscles in this test of strength and endurance to see who can hold a mug of water at shoulder level the longest.

Dachshund Parade

These hunds strut their stuff and do their little turns on the cat pup walk! Watch the DFW Dachshund Club showcase their show-worthy pups in a family-friendly, fun and interactive parade.

Dachshund Dash

Grab your wiener dog and register to race your speedy four-legged pal for a chance to win great prizes from Pappy's Pet Lodge and Raising Cane's.


Complete the Oktoberfest fun with amusement rides and midway games in the Karneval. Ride prices start at $3 per person. All rides have minimum height requirements, check the posted signs for details. Learn more about the rides and games at